A husband, a father, a leader and a modern day warrior.


This boy is a  lazy kid with low self esteem. I grappled with grappled with identity courage, intention, and purpose for a very long period of my life.

I blamed my father for everything that I was, and then I wasn’t. Every time I looked up at myself, just to see who I could become, I had an easy reason why I wasn’t that way. And it was my father, and subsequently my mother.

But one of the foundational things that I had to come to realization of is that we don’t step into greater power and ownership, we then step into greater power and possibility in terms of who we can become until we start taking radical responsibility for our lives.


I always wanted to be a father and a husband. I just never knew I had the capacity to do so. So when I accepted radical responsibility for my life and ownership in my life, the question was, can I be responsible for other lives? And I never knew I thought I had the capacity. I never knew I had the capacity, the ability to take responsibility for other people’s lives.

One of the things that I’ve learned in this journey is that when you are a father, when you are a husband, you are responsible for the lives of the people that you lead and not just my my wife and my sons but but the people that work with me, my team members, my employees.

I’m responsible for their lives and so as I step into greater responsibility in my life, I was searching for how to become a better leader so that I could be responsible so I could step into the holding the space of responsibility for the lives of others.


Every man gets the call from God to step into greater leadership of his life and the lives of others, but every man does not answer the phone.

For the first time in my life,  I answered the call.

I said yes. I am ready I am willing to step into becoming the man that I always knew that I could become  and to be the vessel of truth for the people that have the I have the ability to impact to reach millions of people to inspire to be an inspirational figure in this world. To step into the greatest possibility of of, of who I can become across the most important areas of my life and as a from as a coach as a speaker as a teacher, as a you know, as a TV personality as a father, from doing the announcing at junior all American football games to performing on the on the biggest stages in the world in front of 10s of 1000s of people.

Instead of getting choosing instead of getting burned by the fire I chose the fire and now I’m going all in in every aspect of my life.

I am a beacon of hope, possibility, transformation and courage.

Of all  the things that I felt like I wasn’t as a boy, I feel that I AM THAT in this version of my life.

I am a representation of that in the lives of other men.

I am a light for other men to see greater possibility within themselves in terms of what it is that they can accomplish, when they go ALL-IN.

I am a representation of financial prosperity.

I am a representation of personal power.

I am a representation of leadership in the home, as a father, husband and son.

I am a family man, I am a business man.

I’m also vulnerable and open and available. I’m also available, I’m also accessible.

I’m also somebody that is that can be reached. And then as a deep desire to reach the hearts and minds of others. 

Why go ALL-IN?

The A stands for alignment. And the I stands for integrity.

There are too many men that are out of alignment.

And so when you’re out of alignment, integrity, meaning honoring your word. You can’t honor your word if you’re out of alignment. You can’t do what you say you’re going to do if you’re out of alignment. There’s a cognitive dissonance. There’s incongruence. There’s incoherence. 

As a result of those things occurring in the lives of men, that is where the devastation occurs. I’ve seen the devastation that occurs when you are out of alignment and out of integrity.

When you are not living up to the greatest possibility of who you could become, who you choose to be and where you choose to go in every aspect of your life.

I’ve seen it personally. I’ve seen it as, as as depression in men. I’ve seen it as divorce in families. I’ve seen it as men who felt that they are drowning in their lives. I’ve seen as financial desperation and men I’ve seen it is physical violence in homes. I’ve seen it as you know, physical violence, sexual violence, you know, all types of violence against women and children. I’ve seen it as all of those different things I’ve seen it is all of those different things. And so part of my responsibility I feel like is to bring men into the deepest alignment and that means that the truth by going ALL-IN.so available, I’m also accessible.


I shared my story because I believe it’s important to tell people where you came from, the place you emerge from.

When people go around talking about the city that he grew up in, or the environment they grew up in, or any of those different things was equally as important to telling people where you are today.

The power that you have is by choosing to shift your state of who you thought you were, until right now. I was who I was, UNTIL TODAY.

Because I never signed a contract that said I had to always be broken broken, then it created this opportunity for me to say, I can choose right now to become a different person.

I can choose right now in this moment to become a different person to be a different type of man.

It is one of the most profound things that I get to choose.

Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street

Founder and CEO of The ALL-IN Man