Coaching clients is not just about tactics and strategies.

It’s about giving guidance on how you get to curate your life and the support you are getting from your environment so that you can become the man that you want to be.

And once you step into a deeper level of intentionality and a deeper level of commitment the vibration changes the context of the relationships.

Your vibration changes in the context of the vessel and the idea of stepping into your power is not about reaching your own magnificence but to be a channel for other people to achieve the transformation they are seeking to achieve within themselves. 

How is it possible to have a total core transformation just because of coaching? 

Inside The ALL-IN CEO we want you to step into becoming a better man for yourself and for your family. 

I’m about to show you an actual story to prove that.



He lost all of his clients in 2020. In the middle of a pandemic.

He came back from a cabin trip in the snowy mountains of the East Coast when he received tons of text messages from his clients that they wanted to cancel their projects.

Not only that… He had to refund all of those clients. His accounts were negative and were not generating money for his business.

He decided that he should probably not spend money on coaching…

Until he met Sanyika, who allowed him to see that there is a solution to this and it’s time to partner with someone who knows better than him in this position.

The energy that he felt from Sanyika drew him to invest in his 1:1 coaching.

→ He wasn’t sold by the marketing tactics of other coaches.
→ He wasn’t sold with Instagram value posting.

But Sanyika’s intrinsic value of being a deep listener sold him.


Admittedly, he wasn’t really sure what he needed help with prior to starting coaching with him.

He wasn’t looking to reshape the intention of his business.

All he had in mind was he wanted to be happier, wanted to feel like more of a man, and wanted to pull a $10,000 monthly revenue.

But there was vagueness associated with all of the intentions that he was aiming to achieve.


However, it shifted a lot as he went through the coaching experience…


It has led him down to a path of asking who and not how.

That it’s not his job to create the house, but it’s his job to choose who’s going to help him, who he needs to be a partner with all of these experiences.

And you’ve got to trust with the process, that you will get to find the right people, right partnerships, and right connections to build better solutions.

Waking up in the morning and being like, “I got debt”. That feeling sucks, but there’s the opportunity to transform that into, “I’m going to create money”.

The coaching sessions also opened his eyes on the possibility of curating his life so that he can become the man that he wants to be…

By shifting his mindset by allowing him to have an opportunity to transform and choosing what’s possible for him.

Waking up in the morning and being like, “I got debt”. That feeling sucks, but there’s the opportunity to transform that into, “I’m going to create money”.

This is the new perspective on money. It’s either about what you have and what you’ve been, or it’s about who you’re going to be and what’s possible for you.”

But it’s not always a perfect day for Shaun, as he still experienced being hit on the wall.

What made it different from before to now is the realization that he has found his way to knock that wall and it doesn’t have to be really hard and it’s possible to step over this — it’s available within all of us.

The coaching helped Shaun embody the possibility that he can stand in who he wants to be and about getting everything that he wants.

Also, the best part of it is that other people have witnessed how he grew and improved.

Especially with his girlfriend Jackie…

He didn’t realize how starved people in his environment were from their experience with him.

And they’re starved because he sees what’s possible for them and sometimes they don’t even see it, but he’s the one who can do something about it.

“… she knows you (Sanyika) and believes in your coaching as watching the progression of where I’ve gone from and where I headed to. And she’s, she’s very proud.” 

The coaching experience made him become a deep listener. It allows him to get out of being focused on himself and be an inspiration for others.

When he is connecting with others he recognizes different things that allow him to be there for others.

It resulted in a deeper level of connectivity and opened a lot of doors that brought him to places that he wanted to be in the first place.

Now, Shaun is reaping the benefit of his hard work and from what he has learned from his coaching experience.

He is earning $70K without an established social media presence and a website.

The relationship he genuinely and intentionally established with other people opens a floodgates of referrals that lead him to where he is now.

Overall the coaching experience he had with Sanyika…


Is not just working on the outline of what the scope of work is, but by working to achieve the results with integrity and willingness to do anything to create the results.

It takes a lot of trust and the openness of what are the possibilities for him.

His advice for those who are in the fence of investing into coaching…

… is to feel the energy and let it guide you towards trusting the process of what are the possibilities for you.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about who you are, but it’s who you want to be.

And that comes with a large measurement of effort and trust within yourself that it’s possible to get there with guidance and being open to receiving it.

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