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I had a conversation and got a question from a friend about the idea of something being “too expensive”. This is my response…

If someone says “It’s too expensive” it means they can’t see the value.

If someone says “I can’t afford it” it means they see the value and need help making it work financially.

However, “Value” is not about “expense” (i.e. how much does it cost). Value is based on the outcome (what can be created as a result of the investment AND am I willing to pursue the outcome).

If you’re willing to pursue the outcome, you’ll find the money. The key part isn’t “what can be created”. It’s the “If you’re willing.”

Expensive is a relative statement. When something is determined to be “expensive”.

Here’s a question, “Expensive relative to what? Is it expensive relative to the money you already have? Is it expensive relative to the money you’re projecting come in? Or is it expensive based on what you’re willing to do to bring in money?

If you don’t believe in yourself, EVERYTHING IS TOO EXPENSIVE.

Someone with a deep and firm belief in themselves will ALWAYS bet on themselves and expense becomes a stepping stone, not a roadblock.

If you need heart surgery, is it “too expensive” or is it something you need to do AND you’ll find a way to make it work?

If the inquiry is “how much does it cost based on how much do I have” you will ALWAYS LOSE, because you are setting your own earning cap. You’re telling the universe (or any possibility) that you’re not willing to go beyond what you currently have (or are immediately projecting financially) to achieve an objective outside of what you do normally.

A powerful inquiry would be…

How could making this investment help me achieve my desired outcome (personally and professionally)?”

Doesn’t matter if it’s 30k or 100k. If the outcome is valuable enough for you and you believe you are the person that can achieve the outcome, then it’s simple…Ask yourself if you are willing to commit to achieving the outcome. Explore what’s possible.

Every single time I have leveled up my business, I have made an investment beyond what the cash I had on hand at the time (AND beyond the cash I had projected). I’m approaching my first six figure month (cash on hand) and it’s a result of self belief, and understanding the necessary tools that I need to create the business I have been seeking to create.

I knew that if I were empowered with the tools (mindset and strategies), that I could find a way to make it work because I CAN MAKE ANYTHING WORK.

It was less about the investment and more about me vs the outcome. I trust my intuition and I know how to define what success looks like. So even when it aint looking successful, I can iterate.

Bottom line, your question is really valuable…it’s a question I see many entrepreneurs make. My offering is NEVER EVER make money a primary factor in decision making. EVER. Can money be a secondary factor, sure (I.e. budgeting), but NEVER a primary factor. Even budgets are based on a desired outcome.

If you make money the primary factor when making a decision (i.e. how much does it cost, vs how much do I have) you will ALWAYS lose.

Here’s the million (or billion) dollar question, what is YOUR desired outcome and do you feel like you can achieve said outcome?

Did that answer your question?